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Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the largest division in the Monroe Police Department. It consists of the uniformed officers assigned to patrol duties. There are 22 Patrol Officers, 6 Sergeants, and 1 Lieutenant in the division. Officers staff this unit 24 hours a day / 365 days of a year. They ensure an immediate response to calls for service and perform a wide range of patrol duties including: 

•Responding to calls for service: criminal complaints, motor vehicle accidents, recovery of stolen property, public assistance calls, calls for medical assistance, and other incidents requiring a police response
•Apprehending criminals and wanted persons
•Enforcement of Motor Vehicle laws
•Working with the public to prevent crimes

Field Training: The training of new officers after they complete the Connecticut Police Academy and until they have met the standards to be certified as law enforcement officers. This training consists of a ten-week program requiring the new officer to ride with a minimum of three different senior officers.

Prisoner Control: The patrol division is responsible for monitoring all prisoners being held by the department until they are turned over to the court.

First Responders: All officers of the Monroe police department are nationally certified emergency medical responders. Patrol Vehicles are equipped with basic medical supplies and an Automatic External Defibrillator. Patrol Officers are often the first to arrive at medical emergency calls throughout the town.

K-9: Currently the Monroe Police Department has one certified K-9 unit. The K-9 unit works various shifts and assignments.

The Patrol Division utilizes different tactics and technologies to accomplish its mission. Marked patrol vehicles are used and all are equipped with mobile data terminals which provide links to local, state, and national resources. Radar and laser speed measurement devices are available for officers to use when conducting motor vehicle enforcement. Throughout their careers, Officers receive continuous training to keep them up to date with the changing laws and standards.