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Personal Property

2023 Business Personal Property Declarations

In accordance with Connecticut General Statutes, all resident and non-resident owners of business personal property are required to file with the Assessor, a declaration of all such business personal property located in the Town of Monroe as of October 1, 2023. All Declarations are due back in the Assessor's Office no later than Wednesday, November 1, 2023.

 Download Forms:

Completed forms may be filed electronically to: 

Faxes will NOT be accepted   

Filing Requirements:

All Personal Property must be filed annually on or before November 1st (or the Monday following if November 1st falls on a Saturday or Sunday § 12-42). This includes but is not limited to the following: business machinery and equipment, computers and computer equipment, office furniture and fixtures, vending machines, farming tools and farm machinery, unregistered motor vehicles, motor vehicles registered out of state but located in Monroe, and all other miscellaneous business personal property located within the municipal boundaries of the Town of Monroe.

All owners of business personal property must complete and return a personal property declaration to the Assessor. The information required on the declaration form includes the year of acquisition of the property, as well as the original cost of acquisition including transportation and installation. This information is confidential and not open to public inspection.

If the declaration is not filed, the Assessor is required by state statute to complete a declaration for the owner based on the best information available, and add a 25% penalty thereto. A penalty is also assessed if the declaration is submitted after the annual November 1 deadline or if it is found that assets have been omitted from the personal property declaration.

Real Estate and Motor Vehicles registered in Monroe do not need to be declared.

What To Do If Your Business Has Closed Or Moved: 

If you have closed your business for any reason you must notify the Assessor's Office. Please complete the Business Termination, Move, or Sale Affidavit (pg. 1 of the annual Declaration) and submit substantiating documentation showing the date that your business closed or moved. Acceptable documents include two or more of the following:

 State of Connecticut - Department of Revenue Services