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Additional duties imposed by the statute on the Fire Mashal's Office are:

  • Investigation of cause, origin, and circumstance of all fires.
  • Issue permits for use, transportation, and storage of explosives in compliance with State Explosives Regulations.
  • Investigate complaints concerning explosives.
  • Inspect explosive storage magazines.
  • Spot-check all job sites where explosives are being used.
  • Notify the Labor Commissioner of fire hazards found in manufacturing establishments.
  • Enforce statute regulating the installation and use of space heaters.
  • Connecticut Flammable and Combustible Liquids regulations.
  • Inspect all cargo tank vehicles that transport flammable and combustible liquids, in accordance with regulations, that are registered in Monroe.
  • Issue certificate of approval to each vehicle once it’s in compliance.
  • Annual inspection of all gasoline stations.
  • Conduct site inspections of tents and portable structures for compliance with the Connecticut Fire Safety Regulations.
  • Conduct review of plans and specifications for various occupancies and facilities being proposed within the Town for compliance with the Connecticut Fire Safety Regulations.
  • Attend mandatory schools and seminars to keep abreast of the codes, regulations and new technology.
  • Required to be certified by the State Fire Marshal.
  • Provide safety tips and give advice to the general public.
  • Upon receiving a complaint, inspect one and two family dwellings to assure the statutory requirements regarding smoke detection and warning equipment are satisfied.


In addition, the Fire Marshal's Office assist the general public, and businesses with emergency evacuations plans, and pre-incident fire plans. A fire marshal will meet with you to discuss and help sketch out your emergency route, please call the Fire Marshal's Office at 203-452-2807 for additional information and to set up an appointment.

Also, the Fire Marshal's Office is available to assist commercial occupancies with fire extinguisher training for their employees, and designated fire brigade members.