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Engineering Division

Engineering provides technical assistance to the Public, Public Agencies, and other Town Departments, relative to private development, public projects, traffic issues, utility work, drainage issues, and applicable regulatory programs.

Other services include technical assistance with: project design, establishment of easements, building permits, certificates of occupancy, bond establishment, bond inspection and recommendations for release, Town map updating, drainage problems/complaints, bridge program coordination, assistance to the Water Pollution Control Authority, enforcement of sedimentation and erosion control measures, Stormwater Phase II Program, Highway Modification Permits, and Driveway Permits.

Please refer to the sub-topics (tabs) in the index on the right side of this page for specific information and additional detail.

Associated Information:

2002 Connecticut Guidelines for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control, DEEP Bulletin 34, By the Connecticut Council on Soil and Water Conservation in cooperation with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. This is the guide for sediment and erosion control for all construction projects in the state. Copies may be purchased from the DEEP Store (860) 424-3555, or from the Southwest Conservation District (203) 269-7509. The cost is $90.00 plus $10.00 for shipping.
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2004 Connecticut Stormwater Quality Manual
By the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP). This is the guide to be followed by designers and reviewers to comply with stormwater regulations.
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Connecticut Department of Transportation Drainage Manual
By the Office of Engineering Bureau of Engineering and Highway Operations Division of Design Services Hydraulics and Drainage Section, October 2000, includes May 2002 revisions. This is the guide for all storm drainage design within the Town of Monroe. Copies may be purchased from the D.O.T. (860) 666-6107. The cost is $15.00.
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Connecticut Department of Transportation Highway Design Manual
December 2003 edition with revisions.
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Town of Monroe Regulations:

Inland Wetlands Regulations

Planning and Zoning Regulations

Subdivision Regulations