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Planning and Zoning Commission

Duties per Town Charter (Chapter VI Section 9):

There shall be a Planning and Zoning Commission consisting of five elected members, each of whom is elected for a term of four years. At each biennial election, there shall be elected members, based on expiration of terms, who shall hold office for four years. The terms of office shall be arranged so that the term ending in 2003 shall be a four-year term starting in 2003. The term ending in 2004 shall be a three-year term in the election of 2003, to become a four-year term in 2007. The term ending in 2005 shall be a four-year term. The term ending in 2006 shall be a three-year term in the election of 2005 to become a four-year term in 2009. The term ending in 2007 shall be a four-year term. Thereafter all members shall be elected to serve four-year terms, staggered so that the terms of three members shall expire at one election, and the terms of two members shall expire at the following election. In addition to the powers and duties set forth by the Connecticut General Statutes, the Commission shall prepare, adopt and amend a plan of development for the municipality. Such plan shall show the Commission's recommendation for the most desirable use of land within the municipality for residential, recreational, commercial, industrial and other purposes and for the most desirable density of population in several parts of the municipality. The plan of development shall be a statement of policies, goals and standards for the physical and economic development of the municipality and may include all necessary maps, explanatory material, photographs, charts or other pertinent data and information relative to the past, present and future trends of the municipality and may include recommended programs for the implementation of the plan. The plan shall be designed to promote with the greatest efficiency and economy the coordinated development of the municipality and the general welfare and prosperity of its people. The Commission shall make such regulations as necessary to promote and implement the goals and policies of the plan of development.

Commission Members           

  • Michael O'Reilly, Chair
  • Bruno Maini, Vice-Chair
  • Ryan Condon, Secretary
  • Leon Ambrosey
  • Robert Westlund           


  • Domenic Paniccia
  • Nicole Lupo
  • Dominic Smeraglino, III

Please note:  Members of land use boards and commissions are subject to legal restrictions that prohibit them from all communications regarding pending applications, other than during the public meeting process. If you have questions, concerns, or input regarding such a pending matter, please contact the Planning & Zoning Department.


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