Other Post Employment Benefits Board of Trustees

Per Town Code Section 130-6

Pursuant to the authority granted to the Town Council of the Town of Monroe (the "Town") by Chapter II Section 4 of the Charter of the Town of Monroe (the "Charter") and Section 7-450(b) of the Connecticut General Statutes, there shall be created and established for the Town of Monroe (the "Town") the Other Post-Employment Benefits Trust (the "OPEB Trust") to fund certain retiree benefits pursuant to the terms of previously established plans for the benefit of certain employees and retirees, their spouses and dependents (the "OPEB System").

  • Michael Vitello, Chair (Also Chair of the Board of Police Commissioners)
  • Michael Manjos (Board of Finance Chair)
  • First Selectman Terrence P. Rooney
  • Finance Director Ron Bunovsky, Jr.
  • Jonathan Formichella (Town Council Chair)

Click here for Pension Committee &  OPEB Joint Meeting Recordings.